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TDAs - First reaction

Just listened to "Technophobia" and I'm bouncing around the room, grinning from ear to ear. No story spoilers, but a few mentions of non-spoilerific things follow.

There have been other Tenth Doctor adventures that have been published since DT left the TARDIS, such as his part of "Destiny of the Doctor", and there have been audiobooks for him, performed by DT, CT, and others, but this was a real episode, and the performances by DT and CT just blew me away. Sure, it was just audio, but I could see the characters, how they were moving as they spoke. They really stepped right back into character without any problems, and that's six years after they last played them. And there's just something about the way those two play off of each other that just makes everything so real.

I will admit that the story overall was rather average, neither outstanding nor terrible. The adventure was a lot of fun, but not particularly memorable, though certainly good enough to rate among the rest of series 4. I won't mention any particulars, though. The format followed the modern show - it's one 45-minute story, unlike the audios for the other Doctors, which are almost always four 30-minute parts with cliffhangers. I haven't decided if I'm pleased about this, because I really wanted to see how (well, if) they would adapt the Tenth Doctor to the classic format. Of course, I also wanted three episodes of two hours of the Doctor and Donna. Ah well.

With the modern format, the episode started with a short intro scene with some of the guest characters, to set up the conflict, followed by the series 4 theme song, and I nearly fell over when I heard the opening bars to that. It was so wonderful to hear for the first time, the modern theme song being used to open a new story. The DW theme makes me melt every time I hear it, no matter which Doctor's version is playing, but this was just brilliant.

I did come out of it feeling like it was a bit trope-y. The story made sure to hit all of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble things that we've come to expect: mentions of Donna's skill as a temp, someone asking if they're a couple and the vehement denials, the Doctor giving someone a choice, the Doctor spewing technobabble. I think there was an "I'm so sorry" in there somewhere, too. However, it wasn't glaring, and I feel like this first story is meant to say that yes, this is the Tenth Doctor, and this is his first audio story, and they're doing this Doctor and this companion correctly. The first story is the establishing shot, and the later stories will be deeper.

But honestly, I just really enjoyed "Technophobia". It was like meeting up with old friends for the first time in many years. Sure, the three of you didn't do anything special, and it wasn't a night to remember, but it was comfortable and fun, and they were exactly as you remembered them.

The three-episode collection comes with a number of extras: music tracks for the episodes, a set of "Behind the Scenes" discussions, and a set of "The Audio Adventures of Doctor Who" tracks that I have no idea what they are. Unfortunately, they didn't come with the scripts, like many of the audios now do. I wish I had the time to transcribe these, but I know I'll never do it.

Time to go to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow and listen to "Time Reaver" before work.
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