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Yay! iPad fixed!

Well, the inability to delete the app turned out to be user error. Just before starting to back everything up and reset the iPad to factory settings, I checked one more time for any way to delete Docs, and I found it. It was in the place where I was told it was (General > Usage > Manage Usage), so I guess I either went to the wrong place originally or just didn't find it. So yay, I don't need to wipe my iPad!

I'm still pretty horked about the new Docs update not working on previous versions of iOS (I tried using it on my old iPad, which runs iOS 7, and it had the same crash issue), and about iOS borking the installation of Docs when I updated it to iOS 9, but at least I can move on and get back to my writing.

I actually spent a couple of hours on Saturday night resurrecting my old laptop (I think I bought it in 2007) so that I'd have something to work on. I wasn't sure at first if it was going to boot up at all, as it took three tries to get past the POST. Then I found that the only installed browser was Firefox 3 (well, other than IE), which, no matter which website I went to, would pop up a "This website is suspicious. It's going to infect your computer and torture your dog. You shouldn't go there. Are you really sure you want to proceed?" message which, if you said, "Yes, dork, I really do want to go to", would then make me have to add the site to exception lists and asks what level of security I wanted on it. I finally managed to download Chrome and uninstalled Firefox. Of course, since the computer is running Windows XP, every time I open Chrome, it pops up a message saying, "We won't be updating this software because we no longer support Windows XP." Yes. I get it. You can shut up now.

The laptop also seems to constantly grind the hard drive for no apparent reason. (I'm in Google Docs, which saves to the cloud. Why in the world are you still accessing the hard drive after thirty minutes?) So, I spent some time uninstalling software. (Bye-bye, QuickTime! And iTunes, installed for the iPod Mini I bought eight years ago.) It didn't help, but maybe next time I use this computer, it won't be quite so slow. :)
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