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Pipin' hot paradoxes!

On Sunday night, my husband and I headed to the next big town over to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. Now, it was a great time and all that, but one of the reasons I really wanted to do this was to give us a chance to listen to "Peri and the Piscon Paradox" together.

It's one of the Companion Chronicles, which are stories told from the point of view of the companion and is usually narrated by the actor/actress. They have more of a feel of an audiobook - lots of "he said" and "she said" and "I thought" in there - but they do have a couple of other actors do some of the parts. The vast majority of it is done by the companion, though.

I listened to PatPP on the way back from Vancouver a couple of months ago, and I loved it. I'm not going to spoil it here, but I will say that I laughed out loud at many parts, and the twist in the middle completely blindsided me. It was written by Nev Fountain, who has written many of my favorite audios, and it might be the best one; well, no, I don't think it beats "The Kingmaker", but it comes damn close.

I was interested to see if my husband would like it. He's not fond of audios in general; he really needs the visual component, so the audios don't keep his attention if they aren't riveting. He also isn't interested in "talky" stories, but rather, he really needs it to be action-oriented; this is why I haven't even suggested that he listen to "The Kingmaker". So far, the only one he's really liked has been "The Light at the End", but on the other hand, he hasn't heard many. But, we listened to it, and he loved it! We only got about a third of the way through by the time we got to the restaurant, but he spent a good portion of the dinner talking about it. We haven't finished it, but he was just as thrilled by the big twist as I was. Hopefully we'll finish it soon.

So, the conclusion is that "Peri and the Piscon Paradox" is a fantastic audio, and I highly recommend it, if only because it pleased my hard-to-please husband.
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