shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

Got my DWM!

It came in the mail yesterday and I drooled over the article. A few parts of it don't agree with what Jason Haigh-Ellery told us at Gallifrey One, mostly dates and things, but it was still awesome. However, the best part is the cover, with a beautiful picture of DT and CT together. I've decided that it's one of my favorite pictures of both of them, both individually and together. (My husband commented, "It's nice, but Tennant is too fuzzy." I reached over, caressed hubby's beard, and said, "I like fuzzy.") As such, I'm going to buy another copy of the magazine and have the cover framed. It means that much to me, both the beauty of the picture and the return to DW that it's talking about.
Tags: real life

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