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Fiction List

This is a list of all fanfics I've written, organized by Doctor or type (e.g. multi-Doctor, crossover).

Since many of my fics deal with particular episodes, they're listed by episode when appropriate. (This makes for some weirdness, as I have some fics that feature one Doctor but refer to a different Doctor's episode.)

  • Multi-chapter fics are marked as such and have their wordcounts indicated.
  • Story collections say "collections"
  • All other fics are single short stories (less than 10,000 words).

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Time Crash

Snowflake Challenge 2020, Day 3

I almost missed this one.

Challenge #3

Pimp Your Favorite Communities, Fests or Challenges! Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Fest: There really is no other fest for me: The Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon. This fest encapsulates the entire reason I write fanfic: I want to revisit the characters that make DW so vibrant. While the Doctor and companions are the heroes and the focus, to me the thing that sets this type of storytelling - the whole 'go to a new place/time every episode' format - apart from other shows are the people they meet. Those are the people I really want to learn more about and that is entirely what this ficathon is about.

Community: My writing's dropped off a lot in the past couple of years, and one of the things that keeps me at least in the shallow end of the pool is the Doctor Who Fanfiction Contest. It features a writing prompt every three weeks, then readers vote on the entries and winner receives a pretty banner. The community kickstarts my proverbial pen. Participation has dropped off in the last year, since DW hasn't been on the air, but hopefully the new season (which just started with a bang!) will help it along. If you write in the DW universe, please come join us!

who-contest banner

Please join us at [community profile] who_contest for monthly fanfiction challenges based on the popular British sci-fi hit Doctor Who and all its spin-offs.

DT Red Nose Day

And the winner is...

Me! Well, tied for first with the house built by the company owner/CEO and his wife (who works as office manager). Only about 2/3 of the people in the office voted, so I suppose my victory is about as valid as any American election. They ceded the win to me, so I received a bag of a lot of chocolate, Skittles, Shakespeare insult bandages, and a Shark Bite with Lollipop. The Shark Bite is awesome. I am now the terror of the office.

Here are the entries:

First, the boss's house.

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Then the bulk of the entries.

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And finally, the artist's castle.

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Now, I shall retreat to my desk with my chocolate. Happy Holidays!
DT Red Nose Day

Ye saga continues

The artist's gingerbread house castle has arrived, and it is just gorgeous. Vanilla wafer crenelations, dragons attacking it (because he didn't have people-shaped cookie cutters)... I am still leading the poll, but I have no idea why.

I plan to get pics and post them tomorrow, because the houses really are wonderful.

I replaced the Ten mini-Pop with an Eleven mini-Pop, to see if anyone notices that he regenerated. I'll replace Ten later tomorrow, so that any pics that are taken have him instead. I did just spend a couple of minutes sucking white frosting off Ten's legs and making lewd comments about it to my husband. Such as "He's got frosting in places you don't want to know, so I've got to suck hard" and "I really have to get my tongue up in there."