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Fiction List

This is a list of all fanfics I've written, organized by Doctor or type (e.g. multi-Doctor, crossover).

Since many of my fics deal with particular episodes, they're listed by episode when appropriate. (This makes for some weirdness, as I have some fics that feature one Doctor but refer to a different Doctor's episode.)

  • Multi-chapter fics are marked as such and have their wordcounts indicated.
  • Story collections say "collections"
  • All other fics are single short stories (less than 10,000 words).

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Time Crash

Gallifrey One 32i: Day One

Registration day isn't considered the actual first day of Gallifrey One, as far as I know (I could be wrong), so today was Day One.

We actually had other things to do today so we postponed a couple of the planned activities until tomorrow. We instead visited the Video Room (Gally has a room set aside which plays episodes all through the weekend; I believe they just got rid of it actually, because they need the space for more events) and watched "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Lodger". The episodes were chosen randomly: we rolled a die first for the series number (modern DW only for today) and then again for which episode. Then we had a panel discussion. Well, not really. We just chatted about the episodes, but we tried to be all pompous and academic about it. ;)

We did visit the Dealers' Room... which basically means we checked out some of our favorite merch sites. Rubbertoe was first, as we normally hit their table as soon as the doors open Friday. However, their website seems neglected. It features mostly sonics and accessories for sonics, and their big new product, the vortex manipulator, but if you look through it, the dates they list for their releases are last year. Sonics are cool, of course, but the Rubbertoe table usually offers other collectibles, like Gallifreyan coasters, the Moment, and the confession dial.

Then we checked out Big Chief Studios and I have fallen in love with the Sixth Doctor figure. Interchangeable magnetic cat pins! Their work is excellent - I have their two different Tenth Doctor figures and their Ninth Doctor one - but I'm still waffling on Sixy. (Their new site's awful, by the way: difficult to navigate and their lazy loading is truly lazy, as in slow, slow slow. Some of their package decisions are questionable as well; check out the "River Song Expansion Pack" and tell me if it makes sense to you.)

Lastly, I took a look at the crystal TARDISes. Last year at Gally, I bought Nine's and Ten's crystals, with the intention of buying one more each year (knowing full well that they probably will disappear before I am able to collect them all). Well, this year didn't happen. I do want Fivey and Seven, but I can wait. I'm pretty sure that they were significantly cheaper at the con than they are online.
Time Crash

The Gally That Never Was

Today would have been the first day of Gallifrey One 32 "Thirty-Second to Midnight", but it was postponed until next year for obvious reasons. It's disappointing, of course, that we aren't getting to see our good friends and geek out about Doctor Who for a whole weekend. That convention is something we look forward to the whole year.

But we aren't going to let it get us down. We've taken the time off from work as we would for the convention, meaning Thursday through Monday, and we're having our own convention of two. Welcome to Gallifrey 32i "The Gally That Never Was"! (It's 32i because i is an imaginary number...) We've planned out a few panels and events for the weekend, just for the two of us.

Today is Thursday, which is registration day, as well as Lobbycon (which is where people hang out, say hi, and trade ribbons) and the ice cream social. So, here are our convention badges, ribbons, and ice cream!

Much Ado

Butter, part 2

Yesterday, my husband and I were discussing the grocery shopping he was heading out to do, and it went like this.

Him: And lastly, some butter.
Me: Are you going to put it in the tub?
Him: I really couldn't figure out why it was such a big deal that they had to talk about it on the radio! (More laughter.) Man, I wish I could post this somewhere.
Me: I already did.
Him. ..... Oh.

To be honest, he loves that I record this stuff.
Much Ado


This morning when I woke up, my husband came down (we sleep in separate rooms) and told me this:

His alarm is set to a specific time and radio station because he's figured out when they do their news and he gets to listen to it. This morning, it was at the very end, and he caught them saying, "And after this song, we'll have a discussion about one of the greatest controversies of today: How do you get butter out of the tub?" He spent the time during the song wondering why anyone would put butter in the tub, and it was only after the discussion started that he realized they were talking about tubs of butter, not the bathtub.

Five minutes of hysterical laughter is one of the best ways to wake up.

You should also notice that not only did my husband do something pretty stupid and embarrassing, but he also made a point to come tell me about it. He loves laughter and he loves to make me laugh, especially when it's deprecating to himself. I love him.
Ten with gun

An additional thought on "The Idiot's Lantern"

My husband points out that Rose's Catti Brie may not have been particularly useful to the episode itself, but was important to the themes of the season and the Tenth Doctor's run as a whole.

The Doctor's reaction to Rose's face-sucking was out of proportion to the situation. He was already investigating the problem when she was brought in and he growled the lines, "And as a result, that makes things simple. Very, very simple. Do you know why? Because now, Detective Inspector Bishop, there is no power on this Earth that can stop me!" Then the scene changes and he goes off to question Tommy to figure out what's going on - in other words, after that outburst, he did nothing different than what he would have done if Rose hadn't been taken. Rose's condition didn't cause him to find some hidden reserve of strength that he needed to defeat the enemy (the way that attacks on Catti Brie inspire Drizz't) or give him any insight into what he was up against or how to figure it out.

What, then, did Rose's condition do? The clue's in the Doctor's phrasing: "And as a result, that makes things simple." It turned the Doctor's focus from saving lives to anger and revenge, and thus, he never did his signature move, which was to give the Wire a choice. This is perfectly in line with the season 2 theme of the Doctor losing his purpose and moral compass due to his infatuation with Rose and the Tenth Doctor Time Lord Victorious theme of placing himself above everyone else when he doesn't have a strong companion to temper his dark side.

Nicely done. Subtle, but true to character.
drawn oh!

AO3 question

Since some of you understand how this stuff works better than I do...

I just got an email from AO3 saying that someone is requesting to include one of my stories in a collection. I had no idea people could do this. It sounds like the "community" feature on ffnet.

I looked at the collection (which is called "why sleep when you can read?"), and so far, it contains about twenty items, all of them anime fanfic except one Last Airbender/Stargate SG-1 crossover (strangely enough), one Bleach/Harry Potter crossover (also strange), and one Hobbit fanfic. Also the collection was created today. So, uh, what's the purpose of asking for one of my fics? I'm thoroughly confused.
Ten right

General thoughts on "The Orville"

We started watching The Orville sometime in 2019 with our friend. We'd watched through all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 and five seasons of Stargate Atlantis with him by going to his house approximately once a month and bingeing 8-10 episodes in day. This took years. When we were done, we decided to try The Orville (though I think I forced him to watch Good Omens with us first...). Then the pandemic hit and we haven't seen our friend in person since. Back in October or so, we realized, "Hey, we never finished The Orville, and there's no law saying we must see it with our friend," so we finished it. Then dieastra just reminded me that I hadn't actually posted about it here, so here are my thoughts on it.

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