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[sticky post] Fiction List

This is a list of all fanfics I've written, organized by Doctor or type (e.g. multi-Doctor, crossover).

Since many of my fics deal with particular episodes, they're listed by episode when appropriate. (This makes for some weirdness, as I have some fics that feature one Doctor but refer to a different Doctor's episode.)

  • Multi-chapter fics are marked as such and have their wordcounts indicated.
  • Story collections say "collections"
  • All other fics are single short stories (less than 10,000 words).

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Episode Five

Small Jessica Jones spoilers behind the cut.

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Finally caught up

After having really no interest in watching DW for the past two weeks (well, new stuff, to be honest), we finally watched "Sleep No More" and "Face the Raven" yesterday. Part of the reason was that we didn't want to have to interrupt watching Jessica Jones to catch up with DW, and I also got spoiled on "Face the Raven" by a very poorly obscured email from a friend, so I needed to get that done.

Spoilers behind the cuts. (My cuts don't seem to be showing the episode titles. First is "Sleep No More", and the second is "Face is the Raven".)

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Anyone know?

So, below is one of my favorite images of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, on the side of a box. I don't know why I like it - the expression on his face is subtly mischievous, maybe. Oh, and the sexy glasses. The Doctor in nerdy specs gets me every time.

I think I've seen the image before on the web, and I would like a nice digital copy of it, and not one taken by my iPad. Anyone have it? Or know what season/promo/merchandise it came from? Thanks!

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MMO squee

Guild Wars 2 has really been taking up too much of my time, and I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. They released the long-anticipated expansion near the end of October, and there's plenty to do and accomplish, but sometimes, after a long session of play, I wonder to myself if I've really had fun.

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Type type type

Type type type. I just wish it was all typing in the same doc.

I'm working on a story that I've been thinking about for a while, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble with it. It's outside my usual style and I'm not sure that any point it might have will come through. It also requires a lot of event description... I really don't know how to describe it. Things happen and I have to describe them, but they don't feel essential to the actual story, so I'm having trouble applying myself to writing them, but they have to happen. One of the other problems is that I'm trying to be subtle. Rather than being wordy and explicit about things that should elicit emotion from the reader, I'm saying them with an economy of words and sort of in the fashion of them being small events rather than the significant events they really are, and I don't know if it's working.

Ah, perhaps I'm just whining. Anyway, I've been doing good about working on the story a little every day, but it just doesn't feel like it's getting done. And, of course, I'm adding a few sentences and paragraphs to other stories that are in the works but I'm not fully applying myself to. So, in general, I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I can't say it's writer's block, as I'm actually writing. It's more like getting lost in a swamp.

I haven't watched the latest episode, "Sleep No More", due to a confluence of things. First was my disappointment with the previous episode made me forget that there was a new episode available on Saturday. Then we've been really busy with Guild Wars 2 this weekend. I'm starting to get upset with how much time I'm devoting to that game right now. I need to set some boundaries. And then we're also much more interested in watching classic DW right now. We watched "The Ark in Space" this weekend, which is one of my favorites. I'm a little sad that we didn't watch one that I haven't seen (omg, I'm chomping at the bit to watch "The Key to Time"), but it was good to see that again.


You knew it was coming...

In the game that I used to work on that most of the other people in my studio still work on, the player can buy clothes for their character to wear and furniture to decorate their apartment with. When the game first came out, they were sold in separate stores that had different interfaces, and so the stores had different code running them. But that was nearly three years ago and things have changed a lot since then.

So a couple of days ago, I walk into the break room where my husband (the QA manager) and one of the devs are talking about a problem with one of the stores, and, since I was curious, I asked them what the problem was.

Husband: It's a problem with one of the stores.
Me: Which one?
Husband: Well, you know that we have furniture stores and clothing stores, right?
Me: Yeah.
Husband: Remember you had us create a store that could sell both?
Me: Yeah.
Husband: So, you could say that that store is...
Dev: ...a hybrid.
Me: I hate you both.



I tried. I really tried. I wanted to like "The Zygon Invasion"/"The Zygon Inversion", but I couldn't. And I've been thinking for days now what to say about it, because I'm aware that my posts about this season have been bitchy and that's just not fun to read, but on the other hand, I don't feel I can sugar-coat this story.

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Yup, you're right!

I haven't taken the time to respond to everyone who commented on my last post, but you all offered the same advice, and you're all right. I haven't truly abandoned my original NaNo idea (because it's a good one, I think), but I've pretty much abandoned the entire NaNo effort. It's not only a matter of the new idea being better. I've just thought about my style, and I don't think NaNoWrMo fits it.

I know that people do NaNo for a number of different reasons, but the main one seems to be using it as an external force to help them concentrate on developing and composing one long work. As I consider how I write, that's almost entirely opposite to my preferred methods. I usually have two or three things I'm working on and switch between them freely, and that doesn't count other stories that are still whirling around my head with only a paragraph or two written down. Looking at my "in progress" folder in Google docs, I count seventeen stories, twelve of which I've made progress on during the month of October.

My creative process isn't linear. I jump around from story to story to write this and that and develop them up in fits and starts, even when I have a full outlines for them, and I only concentrate on one when it gets to the point of needing focused care.

I've been trying to do NaNo, but it's very forced, and I find that when I don't want to work on my NaNo project, I don't do anything. It's the opposite of what NaNo is supposed to do, which is spark your creativity. So, I'm bidding farewell to that concept and going back to my own style, working on whatever I want to work on when I sit down at my keyboard. And you know, since I started writing in late 2013, I've written three novels, five novellas, and over fifty short stories, so I don't think I need an external impetus. I'm doing just fine.

(Well, except that I seem to have a bit of tendonitis in my index finger and I'm finding it difficult to type efficiently with this splint on. You never really realize how much one little thing matters until you're forced to do without it.)